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TLG Secrets - Part 2

Part 2 - The initial cave
Click on the pictures to enhance them. They contain a lot of info this time. Click here for part one. 

The game starts and we’re greeted by an angry Trico and some tutorials. This tutorials will show up from time to time even at the end of the game. Many people find them terribly annoying (not myself) but luckily someone figured out how to disable them: TailsPrower88. He made a nice video here explaining the method. Brian Davidson did another one in this initial área. In short: many of the button prompts will go away by simply repeating the displayed action several times on the spot. When you use this method to make them disappear, they disappear FOREVER. Meaning that if you do this early in the game you’ll be able to play without any kind of tutorial whatsoever. Or almost any. This trick doesn’t work with every tutorial, sadly.
Now, at the beginning Trico is too angry, so until you get a spear out of him, there’s not much for you to do with him. Brian did a nice video where he points out weird details about the cave. Check it out here.

The Barrels
There are six barrels in this area. Although the game wants you to use Trico the get the last three, it’s actually possible to get them by yourself, even with Trico still chained. To do this you must execute a series of very difficult jumps. Brian discovered this, see it here. You won’t be able to feed them to the beast until you get one spear out of him, but even then, he will only eat three barrels. You won’t be able to enter the mirror room even if you get up there until Trico is free from his chains.  

Balancing Barrels: This is the best area in the game to get the Balancing Barrels trophy. To get it you must move 10 meters while carrying 2 or more stacked barrels. The starting room is so great for this because there is a lot of space and you can come here at any time by starting a new game. PowerPyx did a nice tutorial here.

Once Trico eats a Barrel his tail will glow for a brief moment. It’s easy to miss it. Nomad Colossus recorded it here. And here.

Although the first three barrels are behind you in the initial area, to get the other three you must pass through a passage. On that passage you can see a structure that, if you’re lucky with Trico, you can get upon. Brian discovered this here.

The initial cave also has some vines. You can actually glitch-out this vines to make the boy jump forward all of sudden: Brian explains it: “keep the X button held down while you jump to the vines. you also want to keep the triangle button held down after you jump. so to be clear: when you are airborne you should have the left D-stick held towards the vines you want to grab, the triangle buttton held down, and the X button held down. Release the triangle button at the moment you want to grab the vine to fling yourself off of, and start spamming triangle button.” See his video here.

The “let go” glitch.
The discovery of this glitch seems to belong to Rebellion142 who uploaded a video in December 9th, 2016. I’ll use as a reference the video and Reddit post Nomad did on the subject.  
This is a glitch that can only be achieved in the debugged first version of the game. You can do it if you have taken out the second spear from Trico but NOT his collar. Nomad explains it: “Climb up and stand behind the collar switch then jump to Trico's head
holding the CIRCLE button. You want to grab onto the fur only but not pet Trico. While holding CIRCLE climb down to the left side of the switch and try and climb under the collar, this is what causes the glitch to happen. Keep doing this and eventually the collision meshes of the collar, the boy and Trico's head with merge together initiating the glitch. I can usually make it happen within a couple of minutes or so, however sometimes it takes longer. Just keep repeating the above steps and it should work.” Brian did a great video with many examples of how to trigger the glitch, see it here.
The glitch will make the boy bounce around the cave, floating, as long as you keep pressing circle. This means if you’re lucky you can get out of the cave by going thought the opening above you.  Where you bounce is totally random. By using this glitch you can get to the stairs and crane that hang above you. Sadly, no one has found any collision near them… for now. 

Next: The mirror room

TLG Secrets - Part 1

In a series of posts I will try to analyze every little secret and detail of the game. I will treat this a collaborative effort, using as a source the many smart people who have been searching the game since it was released. Here I will try to put every discovery in order, making it more accessible for casual readers as time passes. I will also try to put the links for the source of everything accounted here.
I’ll mostly talk about the finished game. To see the details of the 10-years development of the game check out Nomad’s excellent post.
Note: please finish the game before reading any of this! Spoilers ahead.

Part 1 – The initial video
The first thing we see in the game it’s the mirror, buried in the ground of the village after the events of the end of the game. For more about the village, click here. For more about the mirror, click here. A kid shows up above the mirror…

The Name
Then the name appears. The name of the game has a bit of a history that goes back to the days of Shadow of the Colossus. This is Fumito Ueda’s third game, after Ico and SOTC.
Right when Ico was finished, the studio started to work on its next project, which was going to be SOTC. However “In the first stages of development, "Wander to Kyozō" [SOTC] was called "Nico," short for "Next Ico." However, "Nico" was nothing more than a temporary project name and it was clear from the beginning that the title would change. (Ueda Fumihito).
Then the day came that they started to work on The Last Guardian. Project Trico was the name for the game's working title, which is a combination of Tri and Ico (third Ico).
As development continued it was revealed that the name for the western release would be The Last Guardian, a more commercial name that would hopefully attract more players than “Trico”. You see, Ico had really few sales, and Ueda partially blames the name for it. That’s why SOTC had a different name too.
Still, TLG had a different name for its Japanese release: Hitokui no Ōwashi Trico (literally "Trico the Large Man-Eating Eagle") so the original name was not completely lost for all players.
The name Trico is also a pun with its Japanese pronunciation Toriko: Toriko is the Japanese word for "prisoner"; possibly given during the initial predicament. Toriko is also a combination of the Japanese words tori (bird) and neko (cat) and also has the suffix -ko which can refer to a child or a baby.

The illustrations
Now we see a series of illustrations of animals and insects.
User Black0 on Reddit identified the source of this drawings: they were created by the engraver Matthaeus Merian for various “historiae naturalis” books he made. They’re dated around 1650. Here’s a book-game comparison: 

User VirtualCalrissian on Reddit made screenshots of every animal in the loading screen and where you can find them in the books. He also gave links to check the books online!
You can check the screenshots here and read the books here and here. It’s worth noting that once you start the game you can see more illustrations that the ones shown at the beginning of the game. The loading screen depicts them randomly, but if you’re lucky you can see some rare ones like this whale over here, which was shared by the official GENdesign twitter as a “secret”:

Of course, the final Trico illustration was made especially for the game :)


The runes
Once the intro ends, you see a “death screen” or “rune screen”
Ueda himself designed these symbols (read here).
Brian Davidson noticed here that they reassembled the buttons of the controller. The buttons you press correspond to the runes that disappear. And if there are no runes which correspond to the button you press, some other random rune(s) will disappear instead, and this is how it's possible to clear the runes without pressing all of the appropriate buttons.

The boy and the language
Now we see the boy, whose name has not yet been revealed, and we hear the language for the first time.
The markings in the boy’s body were also designed by Ueda (read here).  In the same interview Ueda said: "The boy does have a name, but we just don't use the name in the subtitles. At the end, when the boy returns to the village, the villagers call his name but there's no caption in the ending so it's not apparent in the game what his name is." If someone could decipher the game's language, at least some words, we could be able to get the name.
Here we also hear the voice of the boy as an adult. At the end of the game the adult-boy meets a couple of kids that are curious about the mirror, so it’s pretty plausible that the game is the story the boy is telling to the other kids. And that’s why we hear so much narration. I put together every piece of narration and added the missing bits so we could see a possible version of the boy’s tale. Click here to read it!
Regarding the language we hear: Japanese players here have confirmed that the language in TLG is the same that in SOTC and Yorda's: It’s Japanese spelled in Romanji (japanese kanji spelled with English letters), spelled backwards. For example when you give Trico the Square button order the boy says “ikego” wich is backwards “kogeki” wich is the japanese word for “Attack!” I made a detailed analysis here.
  The costume
In 19th May of 2009 a trailer for the game was released. On it we could see a very different, less developed version of the boy. The 2nd June of 2009 an updated trailer was shown where the boy had mostly the same costume he’d wear in the final game.
After you finish the game for the first time, you’ll be able to unlock more costumes. The more barrels you give to Trico, the more costumes you can use. BwolfTheWolf Did a nice video showcasing the different outfits. 

From left to right:
Enduring Attire – needs 12 barrels: Looks like a ceremonial outfit.
Homecoming Costume – 24 barrels: An outfit worn by the villagers.
Horned Apparel – 48 barrels: The outfit the hero wears in Ico.
Warrior’s Clothes – 64 barrels: The outfit the hero wears in Shadow of the Colossus.

TLG Secrets - Part 2

Part 2 - The initial cave Click on the pictures to enhance them. They contain a lot of info this time. Click here for part one.  ...